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Some of the Many Reasons Buyers Should Work With Logan Marshall Realty:



  • Rapid Response, Flexible Schedule, and Quick Turnaround: In this market, buyers need to get into homes as soon as possible. The good homes that are priced correctly don’t last. When you are working with us, we try to get you in for a showing on the same day a home hits the market.
  • No Salesmanship:  We don’t try to sell you, or talk you into, any of the homes. You should love what you’re buying, not us. We are more likely to point out a home’s flaws rather than its strengths.
  • No Pressure: See as many homes as it takes and pull the trigger only if and when you are ready. It is not an inconvenience for us to show you as many homes as it takes. That’s what we do. If it takes 100 homes or more, so be it. We are with you for as long as it takes and without any pressure. You should buy a place when it feels right to you and without your agent making you feel rushed.
  • Attorney Knowledge, Insight, Review, and Advice: Also being an attorney, your real estate agent can explain your rights and obligations in detail, effectively draft and analyze documents, and guide you all the way through to closing the transaction. Your agent can also look over your title commitment and explain what might be an issue, as well as negotiate with the title company and the seller to make sure certain exceptions will be deleted from your final policy.
  • NO COST TO YOU: We have our buyers sign a buyer-agency agreement for $1, something we would not bother going after. We even make it non-exclusive. So if for some crazy reason you do not like working with us, you are free to work with someone else. Why do we do that? For you, the buyer. Until a buyer signs the buyer-agency agreement, agents technically represent the seller under Wisconsin law. By having the buyer sign the agreement, certain duties that were owed to the seller will then shift to being owed to the buyer.